So you adopted a rescue dog!

Welcome to our Rescue Dog course, you will learn how to settle in your new Rescue Dog and how to build a bond with them and an explanation of the Stages you will go through together on your Journey together, as well as this you will have comprehensive PDFs, a Free First Aid Booklet to download, Obedience videos, Games to do together, Recall, Loose lead and so much more. So lets get you started in settling in your new Dog! Kindly thanks to Sally Gutteridge who runs Canine Principles you have a free bonus course to complete with Canine Principles The Rescuers Guide! and 7 free Kindle edition books written by Sally too! There are 42 Videos for you and 35 pdfs for you! Within the Resources pack you will find a Mini book by Lisa Tenzin- Dolma called Adpoting a Rescue Dog! Once you purchase this course this course and all of its contents are yours to keep within the price!

Hi, we are Tasha and Natalie we are your Instructors for this course, we both have a wealth of experience with Rescue Dogs we can't wait to share with you!

Tasha spent many years of her Career working with Rescue Dogs and still does. She worked at a Rescue centre with lots of different breeds of Dogs with lots of different needs and has an inside perspective of Dogs who have come into Rescue, she has also Fostered Dogs and she is also an Active Homechecker and works with rehabilitating Rescue Dogs so she has extensive knowledge of the entire process! Tasha also writes for a local Rescue for their monthly Newspaper. Tasha is also a Behaviourist so this course will be in depth to give you all the information you need. This gives this course a very unique mark, Natalie also has a wealth of experience of working with Rescue Dogs too and adopted Dolly a couple of years ago so Natalie has been through the process too so between us we are going to share all of our knowledge with you!

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Rescue Dogs can have fun too...

Just because a Dog has come from a Rescue does not mean that they cannot have fun like Dogs who have been in the same family since a puppy!

Rescuing a Dog need not be scary

This course will give you all the information that you need for your journey, as well as bonus materials and access to our Facebook Group for real time support!

Lets get started!

Lets build you a happy bond with your new addition and get you started on your new journey together!